Christine Gray

Clinic Support

Christine-GrayI have been a part of the ConnectEd family as a parent since 2019 when my oldest child was diagnosed with ADHD. My son has grown so much in tandem with the ConnectEd specialists and his peers from the PlayDate! groups. Our family has really embraced our role as partners of ConnectEd and I have learned so much from the experience. I recently joined the ConnectEd team in an office support role. I am so excited to be a part of this amazing group and to help families find the support they need for their differently wired children.

My background is in Art Education. I worked for many years teaching painting and drawing at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia. I hold an MFA in Fine Arts from UC Santa Barbara, and I earned a BFA in Studio Art from University of Texas in Austin where I grew up. After moving to the Bay Area in 2014 I worked part time as an art instructor at Palo Alto Art Center, Castilleja School, and San Jose State while raising my two children. I love teaching art as much as I love making art.

I found a passion for working with children through volunteer work. When we first arrived in the
Bay area we settled in Palo Alto. There I was so fortunate to become a part of the Parent’s
Nursery School Cooperative Preschool community. Parent training seminars and immersion in
the preschool classroom as a volunteer brought me joy and perspective. At PNS I was not only
witness to my child’s social-emotional development, but I was actively taking part in the growth
of all of the kids I led in play. From there I took opportunities to volunteer at my children’s
elementary school where I am a room parent, an art docent, and co-lead of the volunteer led art

Our family enjoys being outdoors with friends whether we are skiing, camping, biking, or hiking.
I practice yoga and enjoy gardening and sewing when I’m not able to paint or draw.