Michele Richards

Developmental Specialist

The path to now has been varied, but always focused on helping others.
My first ‘real’ job after college was in Human Resources, supporting
manufacturing groups. After 10 years, I jumped over to massage therapy and
athletic training – wanting to be more hands-on. I became a Certified
Rolfer and Massage Therapy instructor. Then, my son was diagnosed with
ADHD and Dyslexia. I put all my educational efforts toward best supporting
him – Becoming certified as an ADHD Parent Coach, Dyslexia Specialist and
taking both Orton-Gillingham and Wilson Language training. Also during
this time, my nephew was diagnosed with ASD, and he sought therapy through
Social Thinking, Inc. I was blown away at the progress he had made working
on social cognition skills! I began to read their books and follow their

My career in teaching began in 2010. First as a substitute teacher, PE
teacher, Kindergarten teacher, Literacy Support and now a SEL Support
Specialist. I work with students who have learning differences and social
challenges. I also collaborate with our teachers to help them understand,
guide, and use tools that make a difference in a student’s social and
emotional learning. In 2018, I completed the Social Thinking Clinical
Training Program and regularly attend conferences and work shops. *

Lucky for me, ConnectEd has a relationship with my school. After I sat
in on a brief 3rd grade training on The Zones of Regulation, I thought,
“wow, they think about children like I do!!” I have been so fortunate to
learn from Heather, Janel and Shlomit and grateful to have found another
“home” to work at.