Rebecca Ivanusich

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All my life I have been drawn to helping children. When working with them and their behaviors I am constantly asking myself, “Why?”, “Why is he running out of class? Why does she keep kicking him?” I believe all behavior is communication. I feel it’s important to be compassionate and dedicated when working with children. I strive to teach inclusion and help them evolve their emotional, social and cognitive skills while having fun.

During my six years as a nanny, I worked with a wide array of children with ASD, ADHD, Bipolar Disorder, and Tourette’s. Working closely with these individuals taught me not only the stress they endure but also the emotional toll it takes on the family as a whole.This sparked my educational interest in pursuing Psychology where I received my BA at JFK University. After graduating I worked for three years in the Soquel Elementary School District where I served as a one-on-one aid for a year. For the following two years I joined the MBIT program which is a Mobile Behavior Inclusion Team. On this team I helped supervise and guide all the one-on-one aides at all three elementary school sites. Our goal was to make it possible for all students, regardless of behavioral need, ability, or disability, to succeed in the least restrictive learning environment.

Alongside my three years working for the school district, I have also been working as a Registered Behavioral Technician. As a RBT I collaborate with a Board Certified Behavior Analyst to conduct one-on-one sessions to best help each child develop behavioral, emotional, and social skills.

I feel incredibly fortunate to have gained so much experience over the last few years. I am excited to continue my journey of learning, growing and evolving alongside the children I work with.