“ConnectEd became our 2nd family. They have helped us understand the difficulties our child was facing and how we can help her pass them. Our daughter has been receiving their help across the board since she was 4 years old and to see her advance throughout the year and every year has been astounding! She is 7 years old now and she is really flourishing and we can’t wait to see what she will become all due to their professionalism, advice, and friendship. Thank you, Connected Team! We owe you a lot!”


“Our school counselor referred us to ConnectEd a couple of years ago and our family couldn’t be more grateful. Our 9 year old was going through a really tough phase, and just in the initial parent consultation, I received a huge amount of warmth and empathy from Heather. She was understanding of exactly what we were dealing with, and even gave us practical tips we could implement right away. Since then we have benefited from 1:1 child-specialist sessions, social groups, parent ed workshops, and support at teacher meetings. The advice is always insightful, straightforward, and given with love. I wouldn’t hesitate to share our extermely positive ConnectEd experience with other families.”


“We have been using ConnectEd’s services for our son for 5 years now, and lately for our daughter also, and we couldn’t be more thrilled! The ConnectEd community immediately felt like an extension of our family – they are right there with us celebrating victories, big and small, and providing invaluable support during the more challenging times. The specialists are all passionate in what they do and are always excited to learn new strategies or implement new frameworks that can help their clients learn and grow and build understanding. They understand that tools and solutions are not one-size-fits-all, and they tirelessly and skillfully guide children to make and meet goals and to find the specific tools that can help them. They work seamlessly with children, their families, and their teachers to implement a plan. And, they provide clear examples of what that can look like at home and at school. As a parent with a degree in Child Development, I can confidently recommend ConnectEd for any child who could benefit from the extra support.”


“ConnectEd has truly changed my son’s and our entire family’s lives. When we first went to ConnectEd, I immediately felt like Heather and Shlomit truly cared about my son and helping him regulate his emotions and actions. We have worked with them for three years now since my son was in Kindergarten and have seen incredible improvement. He’s much happier, able to use his tools to manage his zone and finally able to leave the house without huge meltdowns. He’s one of four kids and having him be able to be a part of the family has been wonderful. I am eternally grateful we found ConnectEd. I truly don’t think he would be half as happy or regulated without all the playgroups, jump starts to school and individual social lessons he has taken at ConnectEd. I couldn’t recommend ConnectEd more. I am a big supporter of the important social work they provide. They have been instrumental in changing my son’s life. My son’s diagnoses: ADHD, Executive Functioning Disorder, Sensory Processing Disorder & Generalized Anxiety Disorder”


“We have been with ConnectEd since July 2019. My son was about just over 4 years old. I had been through the ringer on setting up services for my son since his medical diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in June 2018. We were on the waitlist for everything: ABA, speech and OT for over a year. I was getting quite disillusioned by the entire process and even contemplating moving out of the area in order to get services for him. Then finally I had a break. A friend of mine who works as a developmental psychologist for the local school district had given me a list of recommendations and at the top of that list of ConnectEd. I first spoke with Kate Sedler for my intake and she was phenomenal in answering all my questions, going through all the services that are offered at ConnectED and walking me through the process. From that very first conversation, I just knew this was going to be the place for us. But I didn’t want to get my hopes up because we were already on 10 different waitlists. The stars aligned and we got in!!! Best day of my life. We got matched with Ms. Heather Erba as our ASD specialist and I can not rave more about how wonderful it’s been to work with her and Ms. Shlomit Dank. Just the time invested in assessing my son at his current baseline and evaluating him throughout his progress has been immense. Also the care and thought that goes into putting the kids in the right setting and in right groups to thrive. So much work goes into setting up the curriculum each quarter, the parent info meetings, the weekly notes on how he is doing, what his goals are and new concepts that we are working on. Another big benefit is the resourcing. When Ms. Shlomit had recommended that my son pick up more speech therapy. She not only made the recommendation but she also made the connection to Ms. Debbie Hoffman at Communication Clubhouse. After so long, we got a slot with a fantastic speech pathologist. When Ms. Heather learned of the OT concerns from my son’s IEP meeting, she immediately put us in touch with Ms. Nancy Quinn. My son has gone from one word sentences, parallel playing and not being able to holding a pair of scissors to understanding the concept of feelings, identifying his zones, demonstrating reciprocity in his language and play and not to mention he can cut shapes out on his own. My son and I have learned so much. I’ve never felt so supported in this journey of raising a child with special needs. I’m forever indebted to the team at ConnectEd for all that they’ve done for my son’s development and for me as a parent. They’ve given us the tools, education, care and compassion for long term success.”