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tempImageO2ruKiAs a team of Specialists:

  • WE UNDERSTAND the ins and outs of development, including social competencies,  executive function and emotional regulation.
  • WE WORK WITH CHILDREN to build developmental skills.
  • WE EMPOWER FAMILIES to understand their child’s needs, school choices, and intervention options.
  • WE TEACH TOOLS that work for home, school and community settings.

Growing up is tricky and development within young children is variable. No question or concern is too small, so whether your child has a diagnosis or you just need someone to talk to about a concern, give us a call.

ConnectEd Developmental Therapies  is a clinic specializing in services and supports for children and their families. Our team have expertise working with children with generalized social/behavioral concerns, speech and language delays, broad-based developmental delays, sensory processing disorders, autism spectrum disorders (ASD), and ADHD.

Each member of our team is an experienced Developmental Specialist, here to answer your questions, from the simple to the complex. We recognize parents as the experts on their children, and partners in our work as we discover what is best for your child’s development, behavior, social and play needs.We love what we do – supporting and educating young children and their families! Read testimonials from ConnectEd families

What is a Developmental Specialist?
A developmental specialist is a therapist trained and taught to look at HOW a child is developing. Developmental Specialists are highly educated about children and family systems, and have a deep understanding of typical and atypical developmental milestones.

Here at ConnectEd, each member of our team has earned a specific degree in a field pertaining to early childhood development, bringing a broad area of knowledge to our programs. As a team of Developmental Specialists we look at a child GLOBALLY, providing an umbrella that supports a child in all areas of development. As such, we are continually assessing the areas of cognition, language and communication, social-emotional behavior, gross and fine motor skills, and self-help skills. We focus on a child’s developmental progress rather than their chronological age.

Developmental Specialists value collaborating with and supporting families, educators, and other professionals to identify a child’s areas of need and strength. At ConnectEd, we include the family within the therapeutic model in order to support parents in learning to observe and interpret their child’s behavior, to enrich their child’s everyday routines and activities, and to assist families in anticipating next steps in development. As Developmental Specialists, we design individualized programs to strengthen a child’s foundation for learning, support their growth, and provide tools to encourage confidence as the child navigates their way through their world with a sense of wonder and enjoyment.