IMG_1307.JPGWhat services can I find for my child and family at ConnectEd?

We strive to offer programs that are individually tailored to meet the needs of each child and family. Our services incorporate progressive steps to help children learn how to better function in, and navigate, their natural, dynamic environments.

Children Focused Programs:

Parent Education Opportunities:


 Home visits

Visits to your home allow identification and direct work with the concerns you are experiencing.  This is typically done through an initial visit to understand your concerns and observe the situation(s) first hand, followed by a plan to begin work.  We recognize that young children are growing and changing rapidly and that the family dynamic is an important aspect of this development.  We work directly with you to shape and change behaviors in the home.

School Skills

School visits, similar to home visits, allow the Developmental Specialist to observe your child directly in the school setting and to design plans in collaboration with preschool/school staff to support better learning and behavior.  School observations may also be utilized to gather informal observation and anecdotal information about your child’s classroom challenges in preparation for and IFSP/IEP meeting.  School visits may be one or two times in order to design a plan, or can be scheduled with more frequency to work longer term with school personnel in adjusting classroom settings for success.


 Social skills classes ages 2-12

PlayDate is a developmental, play-based group designed to support foundational social cognitive skills such as sharing thoughts and ideas (joint attention), pretend play, perspective taking, and emotional regulation. These small, 90-minute groups are co-taught by two ConnectEd Developmental Specialists and include parent-only information sessions, weekly written information and feedback, and individualized child goals. Although “social” is not always easy, PlayDate uses child-tested toys, games, and technology-based activities to keep our groups fun and children engaged. Our developmental curriculum pulls directly from the current efficacy-based literature including Developmentally Appropriate Practice (, Michelle Garcia Winner’s I-LAUGH and We Thinkers Curriculum (, and the ABA literature. Children are individually screened to determine appropriate and well-matched group placement. Please check the GROUPS page for upcoming session dates.

Social Rules!

 Dyad and small group programs

For children who may not be ready for a group experience, and/or children needing additional support, we offer a smaller-sized group, just two children, to practice and generalize their emerging social abilities. Each dyad is designed and tailored to the children’s individual skill in a play-based setting to enable integration and carry-over of functional social pragmatic language skills. We focus on imitation, initiation, social conversations, hidden social rules and expectations.

Fun Foundations Early Intervention

ConnectEd will launch our Fun Foundations Early Intervention program in Spring 2016. This transdisciplinary  play based group is designed to specifically address the emerging social abilities of young children ages 18-36 months. Parents play an active role in this collaborative program which includes weekly or bi-weekly playgroups, weekly parent groups, and 1:1 parent coaching sessions. Consistent with our commitment to current efficay-based intervention, Fun Foundations pulls heavily from Developmentally Appropriate Practice (, Division of Early Childhood REcommended Practices ( and the Early Start Denver Model (  Please check the GROUPS page for upcoming session dates.


Why does my child act like that?

 Parent Ed

A practical guide to understanding the “why” behind your child’s confusing, complicated, or often frustrating behaviors. This adult-only group gives parents/caregivers a developmental foundation for understanding and supporting their child’s social cognitive development. Parents will work to develop an individualized developmental profile for their child which will include specific intervention strategies and parenting supports. Parents will leave with a “bag of tricks” to specifically support the needs of their child. Specific topics include: emotional regulation, perspective taking, executive function, and sensory processing. Please watch the ConnectEd calendar for upcoming sessions. Please check the EVENTS page for upcoming seminar dates.

IEP/IFSP Insights

  Parent Ed

The IFSP and IEP processes lay the foundation for your child’s success using special education resources and assistance to support education.  It can be tricky to understand, and our classes and advocacy will provide a great start in helping you understand the laws and pieces of the IFSP/IEP and establish a long term and positive working relationship with your child’s school.